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We are the 120 awardees of LPDP Scholarship for batch PK-33.  PK-33 (Persiapan Keberangkatan Angkatan 33: The Program for Departure Preparation Batch 33) is a debriefing program organized by LPDP for the Awardees. The main purpose of PK is to provide corroboration for mindsetting and values for the Awardees  in order to uphold the ideals, integrity, independence and has a significant influence in the life of society, nation, state, and has a commitment to strive to become future leaders for Indonesia independent and dignified.


Suryanara is the other name of PK-33 batch which derives from sanskrit Language. Surya means Sun and Nara means Human in a hope that we enlighten the others and be beneficial for the environment.


Logo Suryanara
Logo Suryanara


  1. Indonesia Open Defecation Free
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